A Logistical Problem With Einstein’s Theory

Albert Einstein is considered the brightest man to have ever lived. His theory of relativity, and the concept of curved space, have been the driving force behind modern cosmology. The last one hundred years of astronomy have been a pursuit to provide visual evidence to his ideas.

I do not buy into the man’s “thought experiments”, however. I believe that people can SAY anything, but I demand visual proof of an idea before I will consider it factual. And I consider Albert Einstein to be nothing more than a parlor magician; and his brilliancy lies in mental sleight-of-hand, not physics.

The popularity of Einstein’s thought experiments is due to the simplicity in which he conveys complex ideas. But if one looks at the logistics of these experiments, the underlying trick reveals the illusion.

In his first thought experiment, you are to visualize a lady on a train, traveling near the speed of light. She sees two lightning bolts strike the train platform in succession, rather than simultaneously; thereby proving that Time throughout the Universe is RELATIVE to the Observer.

And the world raises the man up on the highest pedestal of genius!

Here’s the problem with this simple idea – light travels at 670,615,200 mph. Try to imagine just how fast that is. It is physically impossible to travel one ten-thousandth of that speed, which is 67,062 mph.

If you believe that there’s a lady on a train – or any other living beings – traveling near the speed of light, you have fallen for the ruse. To everyone else in the Universe besides that lady on that train, the two lightning bolts strike the platform simultaneously.

Einstein’s theory of curved space has the entire scientific community bent on proving there are black holes. Some want us to believe they have photographed a black hole. But space is not curved, and there are no black holes of any size – anywhere – except for in the human imagination.

For this dazzling display of pseudoscience, you are to envision a flat grid, which represents the fabric of space. A massive object, such as a star, actually warps the fabric of space. An object in orbit around the star is actually falling around the depression in the fabric of space.

In this vision, if the star is massive enough, it forms a depression in the fabric of space so deep that light itself cannot escape; it becomes a black hole.

If you are a believer in this simple thought experiment, you have once again fallen for the illusion.

Space is not curved. Gravity is not a depression in the fabric of space. How does this model explain nine planets in orbit around that star, or 400 billion stars orbiting a galactic center? In reality, it doesn’t.

There is not a single scrap of visual evidence anywhere in the Universe to support this idea. If space were curved, the evidence would be ubiquitous.

Modern Cosmology has spent the last one hundred years making their observations fit their theories, instead of seeking out the true nature of cosmic dynamics. Perhaps we never had a chance to survive in space, but the setback from chasing bogus theories certainty didn’t help our chances.

10 thoughts on “A Logistical Problem With Einstein’s Theory

  1. First of all what a thrilling and self-assuring read.

    Me and my good friend bob have studied, at least, the whole of physics for the past 5 years and we have since arrived at the same conclusion that the universe can’t be curved.

    Now I’ll not get tied on knots on this online thread but I have the card board box theory which I’ll happily unpackage over email.

    If you draw a Fibonacci curve for the merger of two black holes, which we will call big fish and lil fish, then you can clearly see lines and folds that aren’t meant to be there. On your quest I encourage you to read up on the way by which scientists detect these resulting gravitational waves. You don’t just have to visualise but you can listen to them bish bash boshin it.

    Now I’ll let you swing the first hammer on this one, big or small. Please tell me if there’s holes in the gravitational wave theory and if there’s room for me to join the crew.

    As for the many holes in the universe I believe that, working together, we can fix it!

    Please copy my message into your email response, as I have a habit of forgetting myself.

    Best wishes


    1. Thank you, Graeme, for your positive response. Most replies are negative in nature.
      I have been studying spiral galaxies for 45 years, and I have never believed in a Big Bang, or black holes, or Dark Matter, or an expanding Universe. There simply is not a single scrap of visual evidence to support any of these.
      However, one can look at any spiral galaxy and clearly see matter spiraling inward from the edge to the center. It’s not rocket science.
      I believe that gravitational waves are another attempt to prove Einstein correct, rather than an actual physical phenomenon. The CMB, which can be explained by an eternal Universe, has been used for the same reason.
      I have created a second email address for this very purpose. Feel free to send me your theory:


  2. As a short story writer, I am in awe of Einstein’s ability to convey complex ideas in such a simple and elegant manner. While I understand the criticism of his thought experiments and the demand for visual proof, I believe that Einstein’s theories have opened up a world of possibilities and have inspired countless scientists and thinkers to continue exploring the mysteries of the universe. While it is important to question and critique ideas, it is also essential to remember the impact and influence they have had on our understanding of the world.


    1. Your sentiments are shared by the entire scientific community. Perhaps I am too harsh of a critic. But I personally feel that the last one hundred years of Science have been wasted trying to prove Einstein correct, rather than recognizing that all the Milky Way stars are spiraling into the center of the Milky Way.
      As it stands, I believe that we will perish here on Earth because of the faulty pursuit of bogus science.
      There was no Big Bang, there is no Dark Matter, there are no black holes, and the Universe is not expanding. it is all speculation without foundation. Yet people prefer to believe that nonsense, instead of grasping reality.

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    2. Sebastian, utilize your vivid imagination on the following scenario.
      The date is April 26, 1920. The Great Debate between Shapley and Curtis has just convened. The verdict is in – the faint ‘spiral nebulae’ seen around the Milky Way are actually distant galaxies, like the Milky Way itself.
      Now imagine that these talented observers also conclude what I have – that the spiral arms of galaxies are giant rivers of matter, eternally transporting stars, dust and gas from the galactic edges to the fiery furnaces in the heart.
      To say that it would have changed History is a gross understatement.
      The global population in 1920 was 1.91 billion souls. This unprecedented discovery would have certainly kept the population from exploding to 8 billion; trapped here as we now are.
      Perhaps there would have been no Great Depression. No World War II, no atom bomb, no television, no rock and roll, no automobile industry.
      But there may have been a chance to survive Global Warming.

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  3. If the fabric of space isn’t curved due to mass then how would you explain the visually observable phenomena of gravitational lensing?


    1. Gravitational lensing is the same optical phenomena as a mirage. It doesn’t take curved space to bend light.
      If space was curved, the visual evidence would be ubiquitous. The Sun, Moon, and planets would all bend light.
      How does curved space explain 8 planets orbiting the Sun? Neptune should create a bigger depression than Mercury. It’s all fable.


      1. Forgive me if I’m not following but a mirage is an optical illusion resulting from distortions in the atmosphere typically caused by a gradient in temperature. You are absolutely right that it does not take curved space to bend light but this does not explain gravitational lensing of light around our moon, which has next to no atmosphere. Such is the case for all massive objects.

        Also the mass Neptune is three orders of magnitude larger than that of Mercury so it would warp space more than Mercury.

        Please give a read to this simple article explaining one of the great confirmations of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. https://www.space.com/37018-solar-eclipse-proved-einstein-relativity-right.html


      2. If you have concrete evidence of the Moon distorting light, and not just someone telling you it does, I would love to see it.
        As for the article about Einstein’s theory, I don’t care for fiction.


      3. Just because mirages on Earth are due to atmospheric disturbance, does not mean that it’s the only type of mirage.
        The terminal speed of gravity on Earth is approximately 118 mph, but the terminal speed of the Milky Way gravity is 491,832 mph. You must open your mind to the logic. I’m not making this stuff up.


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