The Greatest Challenge Man Has Ever Faced

Cosmologists tell us that our Sun has been orbiting the center of the Milky Way at a distance of 26,000 LY for 5 billion years; and in 5 billion years, our Sun will exhaust it’s fuel, become a red giant, and swell out to engulf our home.

The reality is that our Sun has been spiraling inward with all the other stars, at a steady 491,832 mph. We have closed the distance from one million LY to a mere 26,000 LY – 1/40th the space from whence we began.

What does this mean for Mankind?

Unfortunately, we have a lot of catching up to do. It is no longer a question of logistics – it now becomes a race against Global Warming. But the first step to solving any problem is to specify the problem.

Bottom line: Man must find a means to travel at least half a million miles an hour – for millennia – and carry everything he will ever require with him.

Impossible? Perhaps. But Mankind has shown that where there is hope, there is possibility. We have two things in our favor: our technology and five outer planets full of resources.

We don’t have to take to the stars from Earth. We can plan and prepare future generations for space exploration with a definite purpose – the survival of all we have created.

Mammals arose at the same time that we entered the last FSS – 55 million years ago. I believe we were specifically created to disperse from our Solar system into the Galaxy; and every star system ever formed has had the same potential to germinate as Earth. Unfortunately, it takes advanced technology that we have yet to discover.

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