About Galaxy Evolution

The biggest hurdle to examining the centers of galaxies is the extreme brightness, which distorts any detail.

The image above, however, has amazing detail, due to the relatively short spiral arms.

Zoom in on the center. It is very clear to see the bright arm above the center entering the fiery furnace at about 10 o’clock. Directly opposite, at about 4 o’clock, the glow of the twin arm can be seen ablaze. Follow this second arm around, and it runs parallel to the bright arm.

The centers of galaxies feed on the inbound material, and eject elementary particles back into space; a perpetual cycle of creation and destruction. Since the centers eject matter, by definition they cannot be black holes. Quasars and the Fermi Bubbles are proof against black holes.

Galileo Galilei invented the celestial telescope 414 years ago, in 1609. Since that fateful year, all the Milky Way stars have traveled just over 30 percent of one light year. There is no physical way that anyone can detect the motion of stars in distant galaxies.

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