A Comprehensive Theory to Explain the Observable Universe

All matter did not form in a single Big Bang event. Instead, matter continuously forms on the outer edges of spiral galaxies, and matter gets continually recycled in the galactic centers. This is why all the Milky Way stars travel at the same speed, not because of Dark Matter.

I have measured the Fibonacci spiral in geologic time to illustrate that our Sun has not been orbiting at 26,000 LY from the Galactic center for 5 billion years; our Sun has been spiraling inward for 5 billion years. Global Warming is a direct result of increasing proximity to the center of the Milky Way. Each day we get 11.8 million miles closer; 4.31 billion miles closer each year.

This theory is supported by logic, math and visual evidence. The file is less than 6 MB. It is concise and easy to understand.

The Moon and Mars are not viable options. Mankind must make a conscious evolutionary step, and begin Low Earth Orbital Genesis (LEOGen) – raising future generations of humans in microgravity. It is estimated that humanity is 10,000 generations old. It may take another 10,000 generations of life in LEOGen before Mankind is physiologically capable of taking to the stars; but the alternative is to remain on Earth and perish. The clock is ticking…