Astronomy and Astrology

I have intentionally omitted information about myself. I am not seeking fame, or honor, or material wealth. This is not about me – it is about revealing the truth; and trying to save Mankind from a false perception of reality.

However, I feel it is important to illuminate the fact that it was not through astronomy alone that I have arrived at this point. For as long as I have studied astronomy, I have searched for a higher meaning through astrology.

I am a strong Virgo; I analyze everything that intrigues me. At an early age I developed a keen sense of logic. I credit this early development to being skeptical of two lies bred into American society: that our parents are smarter than us; and RELIGION.

I have studied all the major religions of the world. I have observed that not one of them has a useful application to the physical world. Astrology, on the other hand, can accurately describe almost EVERYTHING in the physical world. More importantly, astrology is based on cycles – not good or evil; or appeasing a demanding deity.

Astrology predates pre-Vedic Hinduism by several thousand years; the study of the stars dates to the Dawn of Man.

Over millennia, patterns in the motions of the heavens were observed to coincide with human activities. An astute individual could follow these trends to time their activities; and enhance the favorable outcomes of personal events.

I have done just that. I follow planetary hours daily – and so do all of you, you are just unaware of it. I plan my daily activities around the psyche of the collective conscious.

I had my paradigm to measure the Fibonacci spiral almost to the day that Uranus entered Taurus in 2018. It is uncanny how this transformation from Aries to Taurus is so profound. I urge you to read about Uranus in Taurus online.

Every day for the last three years, I have been attempting to inform the world of my theory. Each day I consult my astrology websites to keep me up to date on the current events of the Universe.

I timed the launching of this website with the New Moon solar eclipse Thursday morning. I believe that I have finally broke through the mental barrier imposed by the Big Bang theory. I urge you all to read about and follow the stars.

As for parents being smarter than their kids – nonsense! The combining of two different pairs of genes into one individual creates a superior intellect to the originals. It’s called EVOLUTION.

If parents treated their kids with the proper respect, we could truly reach our potential as an advanced civilization.

As Bob Weir crooned, “We may be going to Hell in a bucket, baby, but at least I’m enjoying the ride.”

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