What is a Galactic Furnace?

There are several features common to all spiral galaxies. An examination of each can help reveal processes of galaxy evolution.

First, and most prominent, is the glowing center. These furnaces EAT STARS FOR ENERGY. Stars that are burning at temperatures in excess of 30,000 K. This fuel for the furnace may be the fifth form of matter (after solid, liquid, gas and plasma). It is certainly the source of the abundance of heavy elements, not supernovae.

An examination of any spiral galaxy shows a small, ultraluminous center surrounded by a glowing bulge. Now picture the matter around the edge of the galaxy being squeezed down into the volume of the bulge – because that’s exactly what is happening.

Perhaps, like a Diesel engine creates ignition through compression, the matter near the center becomes denser and hotter, as well. These furnaces are visible for tens of billions of light years – and they are not black holes.

All spiral galaxies have spiral arms. These arms are actually giant conveyor belts, transporting matter from the edges to the centers. This is direct evidence that matter forms on the outer edges, and spirals inward for billions of years.

The centers of galaxies feed on the inbound material, and eject elementary particles back into space; a perpetual cycle of creation and destruction. This is also strong evidence AGAINST the centers being supermassive black holes. Since the centers eject matter, they cannot by definition be black holes, can they?

Quasars are direct evidence of this recycling process. Quasars are the visible emissions from the incinerated matter at the hearts of galaxies. Hence the term, “Galactic Furnace.” Imagine that the elementary particles are exhaust fumes from the firing of a great engine. It is unclear, however, why these emissions are only visible at great distances.

Galactic mergers are also direct evidence against the Big Bang theory. Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object in motion travels in a straight line until acted upon by an external force. So, either dozens of galaxies were acted upon during their expansion from a Big Bang; or, the galaxies originated from different points. Which one is most logical?

In 1920, the Great Debate between Shapley and Curtis concluded that the spiral nebulae were actually separate galaxies from the Milky Way. This monumental paradigm should have also drawn the same conclusion about galaxy evolution as I have; and it would have altered the course of human history.

Had the scientific community recognized back then that we are at the very gates of Hell, instead of fantasizing about curved space, black holes, and an expanding Universe, we would have had a reason to unite and focus on a single goal.

We could have averted the tragedies like World War II and the successive wars. Television, rock ‘n’ roll and the auto industry might be non-existent. There most likely would not be 7.8 billion consumers suffocating our resources.

Now we have to cram for a solution, before Global Warming brings us to extinction. It really is two minutes to Midnight.

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