A Logistical Problem With Einstein’s Theory

Albert Einstein is considered the brightest man to have ever lived. His theory of relativity, and the concept of curved space, have been the driving force behind modern cosmology. The last one hundred years of astronomy have been a pursuit to provide visual evidence to his ideas. I do not buy into the man’s “thoughtContinue reading “A Logistical Problem With Einstein’s Theory”

What Does the Galactic Furnace Theory Prove?

I have posted a question on Quora. It queries, “Why does everyone blindly accept the Big Bang theory without a single scrap of visual evidence?” Most responses are respectful. But a handful of slack jawed idiots find it amusing to prod me; as if, like themselves, I am only interested in shining the spotlight onContinue reading “What Does the Galactic Furnace Theory Prove?”

What is a Galactic Furnace?

There are several features common to all spiral galaxies. An examination of each can help reveal processes of galaxy evolution. First, and most prominent, is the glowing center. These furnaces EAT STARS FOR ENERGY. Stars that are burning at temperatures in excess of 30,000 K. This fuel for the furnace may be the fifth formContinue reading “What is a Galactic Furnace?”

Like Ice Cubes in Water, So Are the Days of Our Lives

What a difference one little shift in perspective can make. All the stars in all the spiral galaxies are not orbiting their centers, they are all spiraling INTO their centers. This explains the motions of stars in galaxies – and the motions of galaxies – not Dark Matter. Despite its simplicity, it has a profoundContinue reading “Like Ice Cubes in Water, So Are the Days of Our Lives”

The Greatest Challenge Man Has Ever Faced

Cosmologists tell us that our Sun has been orbiting the center of the Milky Way at a distance of 26,000 LY for 5 billion years; and in 5 billion years, our Sun will exhaust it’s fuel, become a red giant, and swell out to engulf our home. The reality is that our Sun has beenContinue reading “The Greatest Challenge Man Has Ever Faced”

About Light and Light Years

How big, REALLY, is a light year? The term has become cliche. But by applying some basic math, the true scale of the Cosmos can be better appreciated. Electromagnetic radiation is the fastest physical phenomenon in the Universe. Nothing else comes close. Light speed is a constant – 186,282 miles per second; multiplied by 3,600Continue reading “About Light and Light Years”