But Where Can We Go?

I recently told the manager of this hotel about my theory, as I do with anyone who will listen. She is also a Virgo, like myself.

“But where can we go?” she asked bluntly. It really brought our future into focus for me.

I have been proclaiming that we have five outer planets full of resources to sustain our future. But her innocent question slapped me with the hard reality, that the two most important resources we need – food and water – are available nowhere else but Earth.

So now I wonder – how are we to survive traveling without gravity, AND stay fortified in nutrients?

It is also becoming apparent that Mankind is not responding fast enough to survive Global Warming. We have become spectators to our own demise. By the time our leaders acknowledge our peril, global temperatures will have exceeded our tolerable threshold.

I feel compelled to continue trying to inform the public that Global Warming is not anthropogenic, but I have abandoned all hope that we will overcome this crisis.

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